Ephesians 3:16-18

I pray that from His glorious, unlimited resources He will empower you with inner strength through His Spirit. Then Christ will make His home in your
hearts as you trust in Him. Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong. And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is (Ephesians 3:16-18).

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

I remember Sociology class during the Winter Quarter of 2003/2004 like it was yesterday.  Even before entering the class, my first thought was, "Where will I sit?"  As I entered I heard some Kappa Alpha frat guys say my name.  As I looked over at them my breath was taken away, but the KA's were not who took my breath away.  It was the guy sitting with this group that made me breathless!  He was a tall, blue eyed, unbelievably beautiful person and he had the prettiest smile I had ever seen!  Hmmm.... Where should I sit???? I think I'll sit on the total opposite side of the classroom, no I was sitting with these frat guys I knew because they had a hot friend! I immediately had a huge crush on this guy, but a guy this hot had to be a jerk.  I soon found out he was a baseball player. Oh yea, he HAD to be a jerk.  Jerk or not, he was beautiful and I made up any excuse I could to turn around in my seat and stare look at him.  I am usually not a shy person, but I could not talk to this guy!  I mean he was way out of my league and would never look at me!  I also made sure each and every one of his friends knew I thought he was cute, although I didn't think I stood a chance.   Later I learned that they never told him!  What good friends!  In December of '03 I tried to find the courage to ask this guy to come ice skating with me and some of my friends, but I couldn't.  He rarely talked to me, and the one time he did I choked up.  He asked if I wanted to use his tech express to get a drink and I said I wasn't thirsty!  Come on!!! Seriously! I should have taken him up on that offer!  We went on our winter break and for two whole weeks I didn't get to see his face.  When we came back I expected to fall back into the same routine of turning around and staring at a guy I didn't have the courage to talk to.  Thank the good Lord, that's not what happened.  As class let out he walked slowly behind me and held the door open for me.  I continued to walk out, but of course I tried to make conversation with him or at least eye contact before going back to my normal routine.  On that day he caught me off guard because he asked me on a date.  Hmmm!  Let me think!  Yes!  He started walking off, but I quickly reminded him, he may need my number if we were going to go on a date.  After the date my life was never the same.  He and I spent most of our free time together.  I soon found out that he was one of the shyest guys I had ever met.  His shyness did not last long.  He soon became my boyfriend and more than five years later proposed.  No, he doesn't rush anything, but in some ways, I do admire that quality.  Six years after my breath was taken away by an unbelievable boy, on September 19, 2009, we were married.  I have watched him grow from a boy to a man.  More than anything he is a man who loves the Lord with his whole heart.  He treats me as if I am the most important woman he has ever seen and he continues to take my breath away.  After nine years of being together and three years of marriage he still captivates me.

We were such babies!  Our first date was in January of 2004.

 What fun memories we have made so far!  From College baseball...

to minor leagues 

He proposed in September of 2008!

We were married on September 19, 2009

Our baby girl will be here in December of 2012.  That is unless she comes early :0)

I can not imagine a more wonderful husband!  I am so thankful for sociology class in 2003.
Today I want to say a special prayer for my husband.  Thank you so much for placing him in my life.  You knew I was going to need this particular man in my life.  God I thank you for the day this man handed his life over to You.  I am more than thankful for that day!  Thank you for calling him and for adopting both of us into Your kingdom.  Thank You for Your son who made it possible.  Thank you for the years we have had together and I pray we will have many, many, many.... more years together.  I pray that we would glorify you in our marriage and we would always point our children to the cross.  In Jesus name amen. 


Emily grapes said...

aww, what a beautiful prayer! Happy 3 years!! That's so great. And I love this story! Just love it. I think its hilarious his guy friends never even said you liked him. What kind of friends are those!? haha

I have a question to ask you that I'll patiently wait for you to reply. =D
Emily at Amazing Grapes

The Granberrys said...

Happy anniversary! I love reading love stories! : )

Morgan Tarpley said...

ahh...I love this post so much! But not as much as I love you and Alan!! and Landry!! :)

Happy 3 years to the Knotts! I love yall!!

The Poole Family said...

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! This is so precious, case!!!!!! Ohhhh, I love all the sweet details of how yall got together!!!! It's so cute bc you really can watch the 2 of you grow up in your pictures!!!!! Yall are such a beautiful couple... Both inside and out!!! :))) Happy 3 years, my sweet friends!!!!!!! We love you both sooo much!!!!!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

This is so precious! I am so glad that he finally asked you on that date! You two are such a beautiful couple - it's obvious why you have such a beautiful daughter! :)