Monday, March 31, 2014

Delight yourself in the Lord

I remember asking one of my dear friends how one is able to delight themselves in the Lord.  She told me, each time she looks at a beautiful sunset or anything that holds beauty, she looks at it with delight in the Lord.  Anyone can look at a beautiful sunset and think, "Wow that is magnificent," but when you have a relationship with the Creator and look at a beautiful sunset it inspires you to rejoice and delight in Him.  When you are marveling over His creation and thanking Him for all He does and allows us to enjoy, you cannot help but be filled with awe!

This weekend I delighted in the Lord as I saw His beautiful work all around.  We went camping with our life group and it was wonderful!

Melissa is one of a kind and an amazing person!  Our lives are sweeter, because of this loving friend!   Melissa and baby Grant!  
Our sweet baby Grant is growing so fast! 

Landry loved swinging!

We love our Kel and Troy!

The Poole Party!

While we were camping a huge storm hit!  We lost electricity and a big Oak was knocked over.  This was two houses down from where we stayed.  Thankfully no one was hurt and it did minimal damage to the homes.

Savannah and Andrew felt as if they were in jail with this child gate up!  They didn't let it keep them in too long!  They broke free in no time!

We spent most of our time outside and it was a blast.  The night of the storm we stayed in and played connect four by candle light.  I wish I would have taken a good picture of the connect four game, but I didn't take my camera out that night.

Pure bliss! 

Not long after this was taken, Clint jumped in the FREEZING COLD water!

Landry was a daddy's girl the entire trip!  

I love my sweet husband!  He is truly a gift from God! 

I could not get her to look at the camera! A stick was way more interesting than modeling for mommy!

Andrew posed for a second! 

 Troy and Kelli will make the best parents one day!  

We have some great guys in our group!

Thank you Kelli for taking this picture! 

Andrew made my day!  On saturday morning he woke up and climbed in my lap! We snuggled for the longest time!  I have so much love for all of our babies!

Steven and Savannah! 

I absolutely LOVED the prayer garden!

My sweet baby girls!


  1. Loved your recap of this trip. Your sun flare is great with Landry! I think it's even better that she isn't looking at the camera. It captures her in that moment. So sweet.

  2. So so so much to love in this post! That shot of Landry on the swing with Alan in the background = PURE GOLD! I LOVE IT! Your photography is really improving, Casey! I'm impressed! I'm excited for the pics you'll be taking of us THIS MONTH!

    Also, I love that this post is so overflowing with friendship. What a blessing you guys have in your friends! It looks like an absolutely wonderful time! And I'm so glad that you guys were all safe from the storm!